No water coming out!

We installed the Rachio 3 last summer and everything was perfect, it worked just fine, but during the winter we stopped watering (without a problem), and now is not working, it is not watering at all!!
We are able to water the grass manually but no luck getting the Rachio to work, help!!

@T-PHome - how is the grass being watered manually? By hose? By turning on each valve using the bleed screw? By using the buttons on the front of the Rachio to select a zone and run it? By using the Rachio app to run a zone?

If a end date was put in the schedule to stop watering, the date has a year in it. One needs to set a start date and end date for the current year.

We are watering by turning each valve!
We are not even able to do a quick run, nothing happens!!
The Schedule we had before winter we just disabled it. It’s enabled to star on a specific date this year and still no water.
We don’t know where else to look

@T-PHome - That information is helpful. Having water come out of the sprinklers when they are turned reduces the error domain to electrical. A break in the common wire will impact all valves, just as a complete wire cut of the field wire will also impact all valves.

Is there a rain sensor in-line on the common wire (usually from an old prior sprinkler system)?

Do you have access to a volt/ohm meter to test resistance down wires? If so, unhook the common wire an one valve wire from the Rachio controller and measure the resistance between the two wires. I think is should be in the 25 - 30 Ohm range. If the resistance is infinite, then there is a break in the wiring or a bad connection.

Yes, we had a rain sensor before, but took it out when installing the Rachio, but the wire is still there.
My husband is thinking the problem might be at the common wire, but after you mentioned the rain sensor, he will check it out too, just in case. I’ll update you, thank you for all your help!

If the rain sensor is not plugged into the Rachio, don’t invest time in that. If it is, disconnect it from Rachio and see if that fixes. Otherwise, time to bust out the ohm meter and start checking wires!