No upcoming watering events

I have 4 zones scheduled for watering but I have no upcoming watering events. A complicating factor is that I have no internet at this house. I’m selling it and have moved it. I have tried to connect to the internet via my phone hotspot, but the Rachio will not see it as a wifi source. I have rebooted both devices numerous times and have been through the wifi setup multiple times.

I must be missing something(?).

EDT: My rachio was able to connect to my wife’s phone and create a schedule. I’ll check later today that it’s running.

If you set up the fixed schedules prior to losing internet at the home, the fixed schedules should run indefinitely…just without any of the weather skips since it would require cloud access for that.

As for trying to connect to a phone hotspot, you’d have to reset the controller to set up a new wifi connection to the hotspot device.

If you give the phone Hotspot the same name & PW as your original wifi network the Rachio controller may connect to the Hotspot. I haven’t done this with a Rachio controller but I have done it with Nest thermostats and they connected to the Hotspot.

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As I mentioned, I have tried that several times. The Rachio is not seeing the hotspot for some reason. It sees all the neighbor’s connections, but will not see my hotspot. I have ensured that my hotspot has 2.4GHz wifi available.

Thanks, will give this a try.