No type of scheduling works

My rachio schedules are clearly not working. My zones were supposed to water yesterday but clearly did not water and no skip was applied. The schedule simply moved to today. Again it was the same today. Soil moisture is zero, there is no rain the forecast and there was no rain for the past 7 days. I have 8 zones.I am very concerned about fruit trees (with bubblers) as they are not coming on automatically and might not survive as they are newly planted.

  • Lawn -Zones 1,4,5,6 and 8 on Flex Daily (after sunset).
  • Shrubs- Zone 3 on Flex Monthly (after sunset)
  • Trees-Zone 2 on Flex Daily (after sunset).
  • Fruit trees - Zone 7 on Flex Daily(before sunset)

I have set allowable depletion to 50% and all zones are showing 0% moisture. I am having to “manually” turn them on as the scheduling doesnt see to work.

Your rain sensor is on.

Here is troubleshooting.

There has been no rain though.

You need to troubleshoot the rain sensor, could be dirty or something else.

I am having the same issue. While the Rain Sensor is “on”, it is not activated. I believe this is normal during dry weather. I first noticed this problem after the “ Server Alert - Temporary iOS Outage” that was experienced on the 30th.

So just as a follow up to this. I continued to troubleshoot and finally found what was causing my issue. You will also get the continuous “Rain Sensor On” banner if the rain sensor is connected to the wrong terminal either S1 or S2. If nothing is connected to the terminal and it is switched on in the Rachio settings it will act as if the sensor is always triggered. This was my case. Though I’m not sure how that happened. My rain sensor was always connected to S1 and was working. What I found later was in the configuration my S1 was off and S2 was on. Once turned off S2 and turned on S1 for a rain sensor the constant “rain sensor on” cleared. Again I’m not sure how this happened because it was working properly when I installed it but none the less it is fixed.