No Smart Controller will Fix a Bad System

Before installing a Rachio (or after) it is imperative to do a system check. Look for these problems that impair Rachio’s abilities:

  1. High pressure
  2. Mix of rotors and sprays
  3. Sunken heads
  4. Broken pipe and leaking heads
  5. Valve malfunctions
  6. Tilted heads
  7. Rotors that are not turning
  8. Single rows of heads (i.e. no head to head coverage.
  9. Low pressure
  10. Heads spaced too far apart
  11. Heads blocked
  12. Mix of adjustable and fixed arc nozzles
  13. Hodge podge of different manufacturer nozzles and rotors
    This will get you started.

Then you get into landscape and turf issues?

  1. Are you mulching
  2. Heavy thatch
  3. Fertilizing cool season grasses in the summer
  4. Mixing plants with different water requirements.
  5. Tight clay soils, hardpans

Check these out. Find the problems, flag the problems and fix the problems. Hope this helps someone.


Maybe add to these what each causes, why they are issues, and how to fix? Resources?

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I can add some later. System problems are usually quite obvious. Do a Google search on each item and you will find a great deal of resources.

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