No screen shots on web site?


Did not see any screen shots on the webs site so before I buy I just wanted make sure I can start out with full control. I would kill for a computer based controller that simply shows my zones, days, run times and start times like a calendar display or similar.

Does it do this?


Hi @alexh, thanks for reaching out!

Sorry we don’t have any screenshots online…we’ll need to fix that :wink:

Yep! Here’s a sneak peek to our current web app calendar view:

Let me know if you need to see any other screenshots. The web app will be updated in the next month, therefore any screen shots I send will be dated soon.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

Warning: Spoilers…

The newer version of the app ( Rachio 2.0 Software is coming! ) will have a scheduling screen that more closely resembles:


Oh snap, marketing is going to be furious, it’s not Friday bruh! I’d kill to have that interface in the iOS app :wink: