No precipitation recorded when raining - Sydney Australia

Hi there,

I have my Rachio up and running here in Sydney connected to the YSSY Weather Station (10km from my house)

Although it’s been raining on and off the last few days, the Rachio system is recording 0% precipitation. It’s the same issue if i flick to the YSRI station 40km away

Any thoughts? I’m thinking of connecting to a personal weather station however they too are coming up with 0% precipitation in Rachio

(No recorded precip data) link
YSRI 44.83
(No recorded precip data) link

Hey @Dukebox-
I will look into those stations and the forecasts your controller is receiving today and get back to you! Stay tuned…
McKynzee :rachio:

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@Dukebox -
So this is something we occasionally run into with international weather stations where they do not actually record precipitation. Basically, it will indicate if precipitation is occurring, but it doesn’t store that data anywhere for your controller to use. However, I looked into your area, and you have quite a few personal weather stations available! I know the closest one is recording precipitation, but since PWS’s can be a little unpredictable at times, I recommend you click the link and just do a quick “sanity check” on the past week or so. To enable PWS’s, click on “Change Weather Station” and then in the top right corner of that pop-up you will see a button to turn those on and off.

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Hi there

Thanks for the tip. I’ve connected to the PWS which is 3km away and records precipitation.

For some reason the precipitation figures aren’t getting imported by rachio.

I’ve uploaded an image for this morning… Regardless of it getting to 30degrees it did rain this morning yet precipitation is marked at 0%

Hi Duke, I’ve been doing some research on this also as the other week I noticed that my system was watering whilst it was raining. I’ve checked a few Personal Weather Stations close to my area (Blacktown) and can’t see any that have precipitation data.

Hi Mike,

Yes it seems that the main weather stations don’t have this data, but this PWS that i’ve now connected to has the data when you click on the link and head to the associated website.

Just doesn’t want to feed into the Rachio environment. :frowning:

Hey @Dukebox @mikewhitton-
I’m going to check this out now… stay tuned

McKynzee :rachio:

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Cheers. Definitely no precipitation to record today., We’re looking at a very sunny 39 degrees today. 41out your way Mike!

@Dukebox @mikewhitton-

Just to update you guys…
I am seeing that your controllers are receiving precipitation data, I just don’t know if it’s getting used correctly? Basically I’m still on the hunt, but I wanted to let you guys know that we are still working on it! Thank you for your patience!

McKynzee :rachio:

Cheers mckynzee,

FYI - still showing up as 0% (in fact I don’t think i’ve ever seen a stat for precipitation in rachio)

Your thought that it might not be using the infor correctly might line up with another post I made this morning re Monthly Flex schedules.

It was 40 degrees yesterday, 26 today and scheduled to hit the mid 30’s for the days after that.

One of my zones was last watered on Monday and was scheduled to water again this morning, but the system skipped it saying “based on weather and soil conditions, the next scheduled watering time was skipped”. Given we baked here in the heat yesterday, I was surprised it decided not to water.

Loving the system - just need to iron my schedules out!

Thanks for the update @mckynzee

@Dukebox @mikewhitton

I looked into that weather station (PWS_NOUSHOUSE1) and it does look like we are receiving the correct precipitation data.

Here is the observed from PWS_WEATHER

January 3rd received .14 inches of precipitation.

This is what we are receiving from our weather provider regarding that station.

      "precip": {
        "totalMM": 3.56,
        "totalIN": 0.14,
        "count": 287,
        "trace": false,
        "traceCount": 0,
        "QC": "G",
        "method": "max24hr",
        "QCcode": 10

So, on the surface it does look like we are receiving the correct data from that station.

The Precipitation 0% on the dashboard is a little misleading since it is current data. We won’t have that on our future release.

Can you please let us know if you receive precipitation and don’t see it reflected on our smart scheduling?



Just to build on what Franz said- if you don’t see the precipitation showing on your moisture graph, can you tell me if that’s on web or mobile? I was able to see the correct precipitation reading on your moisture graphs on my chrome browser on web, so I’m curious if it’s based on platform

Ok I think this is making more sense now, I can see Precipitation data in the Moisture level graph per zone, the indication on the main screen for Rachio (currently in chrome) shows 0% I think that should be change to precipitation amount (for Aus we use mm of rain). Seeing the previous days precipitaiton or current somehow?? in mm makes more sense.

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Hi there. So 36 degrees an the rachio was meant to water based on a flex schedule. It skipped this morning as it predicted 10mm this Arvo…

Well it’s bucketing right now so I guess the rachio was correct. Still says 0,% precipitation though.

Ya, I think just a display issue. Your moisture graph should show the precipitation which is all that matters for the flex schedules. Congratulations on your rain!


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