No notifications on my new iPhone 8

I upgraded from my iPhone 6 running iOS 10.x to an iPhone 8 running iOS 11.1 after work yesterday. This morning I noticed that I got no notifications from Rachio. When I go to the web based app, I see that the rain sensor activated last night around 9 pm. I didn’t get that notification either. When I set up the new phone, I restored from a backup of my iPhone 6. I did get an email at 3:10 am that “A rain skip will be applied to your next watering schedule”.

Any suggestions?


Same thing happened last year with the 7…

Hey @alfredoj-

Are you still not receiving any notifications on your iPhone 8?

McKynzee :rachio:

No. All is working now! I backed up my iPhone using iTunes, and after that, it started working. Not sure how that fixed anything, but it worlds fine now.

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Glad to hear it :grin: