No Notification in iOS 11


@Support Got the iOS 11 install yesterday, this morning received no notification that my system was scheduled to run, and that my system started today… so no notifications at all


Thanks @Modawg2k, I’m running a few tests and am currently investigating.


@Modawg2k Seems to have worked fine for me:

I’ll be on the lookout for any additional reports and continue testing. Please let me know if you continue to be affected moving forward.


I just installed my Rachio on Sunday and received notification the first time it watered on Monday. Upgraded to ios11 yesterday. Rachio has not run yet but I didn’t get a notification that my rain sensor was tripped when it rained yesterday evening.


@mitchell Thanks, I did get a notification when the schedule stopped, so that’s odd. We could chalk it up to me just not paying attention to my notification screen in the morning when i woke up and they cleared out. I’ll keep an eye on it also


Quick update, I’m receiving notifications. Didn’t get a notification on the rain sensor b/c it wasn’t configured in settings. Found it digging through settings this morning. All clear from my side!


Updated all to iOS 11 and all notifications are working fine.


@Modawg2k only fix I know is to dump that iPhone and get an S8+… #AndroidFTW