No Login from

From the PC on my home network, I went to, but the login option is no longer there, so I cannot access my Rachio. Is Rachio eliminating support for non-app PC access to my controller? Does this also mean that the add-on products like the weather station or the flow meter will also not be available from a PC?

Website for the web interface has always been
The link for it on is somewhat hidden on the page footer (bottom of the page) via a weblogin link.

I found the link, thanks. Like other websites, I was expecting to see the link at the top of the webpage not the bottom.

Yes, Rachio seems to be trying to push new users to use the app on their phone. Web interface doesn’t provide all of the features of the mobile app.

Yes, and it’s buggy too. The Weather Intelligence dates as displayed are about 2 wks off. For today, mine says it’s 12/5. With winter being here and less need for watering support, maybe they can put a resource or 2 to make the web interface better.