No history shown on dashboard calendar for today and inaccurate rain skip

Please see attached pic.

  1. There is no history of watering on landing page.
  2. Rain skip feature did not skip rain for multiple zones but one last night.

On my app, there is a Usage link at the bottom of the June usage section. This shows all the daily and zone watering.

Regarding rain skips, do you have rain skip enabled for your other schedules, and what is the threshold for them?

@uhupong Thanks for reporting, that does look like a defect since the calendar view shows correctly.

I will have the engineering team review and fix.


@uhupong The team found the issue, due to a limit of only 500 watering events being sent from past watering. Fixing and patch will go out today.



Yes all zones have same weather intelligence settings. They have been in use for almost 2 years.

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@uhupong Fixed. You should see all past watering events now on the dashboard.


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Confirmed fix ā€¦ Thank you !!

Rain skip notification starting to pop up.

Some zones schedules skipped, some still on schedule.

Chance of rain 0% but rain skipped now? Iā€™m very confused