No customer service phone number?!?!?!?!?!?!

So my system has been running like it’s got it’s own brain and I can’t figure out any way to get it to shut off. Water is streaming down my street and this thing will not shut off. Yes, I’ve put the thing in standby, shut off the autoschedule and all that. Guess what, still running.

Would LOVE to have a phone number to call so that I could speak to a human and not have to shoot an email off and just wonder when oh when will I get someone to respond with an answer.

This is downright ridiculous. I can call ecobee and they will answer or call you back very quickly. The simple fact I can’t find a 800 number anywhere for rachio is downright disgraceful!!!

If you can’t tell i’m kind of pissed right now about A. my water running and running for who knows how long today B. no phone number for this company C. having to spend wayyyyy too much time searching for a phone number D. I’d settle for a call routed to India right now

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Hi @ryman79-

Sorry to hear your water is running, that is not a good thing to come home to! It sounds like a stuck valve to me- if you unplug the controller, does the water continue running?

Our support number is 1-844-472-2446, but they close up shop at 6pm MST. If you DM me your phone number, I can have someone give you a call ASAP to get this resolved.

Looking forward to resolving this for you!

McKynzee :rachio:


@ryman79, hope you were able to get your system to turn off. Looks like your in San Antonio – we know a great pro in your great if you’d like us to connect you with them.

Just curious, did you visit our Help Center?

@emil, I can see why @ryman79 was upset! The support phone number seems to have disappeared from the Help Center web page!!! At least I can’t see it using Chrome on my iPad running IOS 11.2.5. And there is some gobbledygook on the page as well.

Good catch @Linn, I’m looking into this.


Good catch @Linn, I’m looking into this.

Yet it’s still not corrected more than 1 year later. The customer service phone number is not listed anywhere on the website. All it says is " If you need help immediately, call the number on your install guide, and/or visit the Rachio community." How hard would it be to just put the customer service number here??

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I will bet $100.00 its something you did with programming. Rachio is so easy to reach. I found their number right away on the web. Their employees are some of the best people you will ever meet. I had a chance to put a face with them at an Irrigation Association trade show. If all fails, turn off the water to the irrigation system.

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Hello, I have been calling the support number you have listed and have tried a few different extensions (I should mention it is 3:52pm MST) and no one has picked up. I’ve been waiting for about 10 minutes actually. About a day or two ago I filled out a customer service form through the app because I am having problems with my controller saying it is offline and I haven’t gotten a response yet. In addition, I received an auto response email after sending in the form and found a link to request a call but that link took me to a page that said the page no longer exists. How do I get in touch with someone to get my system working again?

Hey @ATron!

So sorry for the delay in our team’s response. We’re seeing some higher call volumes right now which are making response timelines get longer. No excuse - just wanted to let you know. I’m pinging the team right now to get you a response :slight_smile: