Next Watering on Zone/Yard doesn't match zone detail and zones didn't water when needed

The Next Watering in the Zone/Yard display (at least for Flex Daily) doesn’t seem to match anything coming up. The problem is the same on the Web version, the IOS ipad version, and the IOS phone version.

More importantly, Zones 9 and 10 both show that they will go to 0% on 6/21 and yet they didn’t water. My zone 8 also looks the same. The rain sensor deactivated at 1:58pm yesterday. I had lawn zones water this morning, and my flower zone watered as well. It’s as if anything for my Flex Drip schedule was totally skipped.

Something is amiss!!!

See this example. Zone 9 is showing a Next Run of 6/24 and Zone 10 a Next Run of 6/23. Yet going into details, they are both going to water on 6/22. I captured these images around 11am, so they should be outside of any weather checks, etc. And you can see that based on Moisture Balance, the zones needed to run this morning but didn’t. (The Flex Drip schedule is set to start at 9:30am)

I have double checked and the schedule is set to run on any day, and I have not done a Fill or Empty. I’m not concerned about the system not watering on the 18th because there was a rain prediction that day. It didn’t occur, but then we got a surprise rain shower early on the 19th, so all was well. But I am very concerned when these drip zones don’t water when needed as these are all my annuals/perennials that are the most susceptible to lack of water. My lawn seems to be able to tolerate a lack of water much longer/better, but those zones watered just fine.

I have plants in these zones that are already drooping and can’t wait until tomorrow, so I am going to start them all manually.