"Next Run" incorrect after watering


When there is a change that affects a zone’s calculations (e.g., a watering event or change in settings), the “Next Run” and other scheduling displays are not immediately updated; and sometimes they are not updated until the next day.

This morning for example, there was a problem wherein the Crop ET showed as 0 for the foreseeable future. So the Next Run showed as being far into October. A few hours later, you fixed the Crop ET problem at your end so that all the zones now show a reasonable forecasted Crop ET. But the Next Run is still unchanged and shows it as being far into October.

This problem also shows with watering events. Today is Friday. Let’s say a zone’s Next Run is scheduled for Sunday. Today turns out hotter than predicted, so the zone actually runs on Saturday instead of Sunday. But on Saturday morning after the watering, “Next Run” still shows as being Sunday.

In both these cases, I have to drill down to the moisture balance table for each zone to see the true day that a “Next Run” is predicted to happen.

This has been a problem for awhile, but is getting quite aggravating. It is really bad programming practice to have inconsistent scheduling and zone data being displayed at the same time.

Are there any plans for fix this?



Are you getting these problems on the web app or the mobile app? If you are on the web app, try doing a reload of the page to reload the app. If you are on the iphone mobile app, you can just pull down to reload the app. Don’t know how it works on the Android app.

Whenever I’ve noticed problems, I do a reload and that corrects it. If the reloading of the app doesn’t fix it, I don’t have any other ideas.

Thanks Linn, but the problem shows up on both the web interface and the android app. Reloading the web page or restarting the app does not change anything.

It is pretty consistent for me and my Rachio 3 to see immediate updates in the zone view, but then the schedule is not updated per the new moisture table values info until much later, sometimes not until overnight. The “Next Run” then shows up as being consistent with the moisture table in the zone view.

But it is very annoying (and does not give me confidence) that I can’t trust the Next Run value. Since I don’t know when it’s right and when it’s wrong, I have to drill down to the moisture table every time to see when the next run is really going to happen.

Can someone at Rachio give me an answer to why this is happening?