Next gen controller

I have been reading theough the posts and have heard aome talk about the next gen controller.
Before I start looking at other controllers I to see if the following features will be available in the new product.

  1. Wind sensor input. So my sprinkler zones can be delayed.
  2. Flow sensor input. Not only to monitor water used but to be able to detect leaks. A second flow meter input nice to monitor the water usage of my home, with the ability to leak detect and activate a shut off valve.
  3. Ability to link controllers. I have a garden in back and cannot get wire there easily. Ability to share and master valve activation os key.
  4. Soil moisture sensors.
  5. Since I have hose bibs on same water line as zone valves, the ability to add a push button to activate master valve for a period of time would be great. If not I could always manually activate an unused zone.
  6. Would a local rain gauge be possible.
  7. If flow data is collected, could it be exported in a .csv file?


Thanks for reaching out to us! I hope you understand that we can’t talk specifically about a next generation controller as to features or delivery date. Know that we are always looking at areas to improve our hardware and software, and that any controller purchased now will be 100% compatible with any and all future software updates, that’s the great thing about a cloud infrastructure :smiley:

Fortunately most of these requests are software or we already support the features.

  1. Wind input - In our software backlog, we can do this using national weather station or personal weather station data.

  2. We are working with a third party company to see if we can use a connected flow sensor for generation 1. No promises :smile:

  3. Linking controllers - is purely software and is in our software backlog.

  4. Soil moisture sensors - I can tell you that we are working on a cloud-to-cloud soil moisture integration for this Spring which will give our controller a complete closed loop system.

  5. Purely software, interesting request which I will add to our backlog.

  6. We currently support using a connected rain gauge/sensor or a personal weather station with a rain gauge.

  7. Yes, from our webapp we currently provide this ability. We are writing our webapp from the bottom up and will be including this feature again.

Hope this helps you make an educated decision. Let us know if you have any more questions :wink: