Newbie with fungus control question

Hi all, I replaced my Rain Bird timer with a Rachio gen 2 yesterday. Install and setup was unbelievably simple! I have a 1/2 acre lot with 9 zones of flower beds, Floritam lawns, and a few large well established palms (Royals, Robilini’s, and Fox Tails). I went all-in and set all zones to flexible. My yard was on the dry side so I started with a manual cycle first day. The intelligent feature seems to be working and has me waiting a few days before watering and shows only some of the zones getting watered each day it waters. So far so good!

In my location and during winter we have cool evenings so most landscapers want to reduce watering to one to two days per week to avoid problems with fungus. Does rachio take this into consideration and if not is there something I can to in the settings to mimic this?

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Hey @crblair!
I am not the expert when it comes to fungus, however I know I have heard in the past that another solution is to make sure to water closer to sunrise rather than right after sunset/in the middle of the night.
Other than that, I will tell you that with flex, your zones will water for longer durations but way less often, so I would assume you would already be improving the fungus situation. Make sure to remember that while your calendar may display a flex watering, that doesn’t mean every zone is watering that day. If you dig into how often each zone is actually being watered, you may notice that you are already following these guidelines! Let me know if that helps, others may be able to give more information on fungus prevention.
McKynzee :rachio:

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I think @plainsane is the fungus expert!


youre too kind, but im not, i have just had a lot of experience with it because of the way shadows fall on my turf for long morning hours.

i cant say the device takes fungus into account, but if you are on one of the intergalactic schedules, i wouldnt worry.


Yes, water during the early morning hours. Evening watering leaves water on the leaves all night.


I think we have a new schedule name!

@crblair, besides configuring your start time to be early morning hours, might sure you have the proper exposure (shade) settings selected for each zone. These might vary throughout the year pending how the shadows hit your lawn and foliage coverage.