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Just installed and trying to figure out how to program. My prior controller was simple but had to be manually turned off for rain, and seasonally adjusted. I am looking forward to having this be more able to adapt by weather.

I have netafim drip line throughout the garden, ranging from 0.4 gph every 6 inches, to 0.9 every 24 inches, depending on the application and plants being grown.

I do not see where or how to indicate the flow rate or number of emitters per square foot, which seems a really important variable.

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You can find several posts around here with folks determining how to calculate precipitation rate based on their drip line setup.

I’ll dig a couple of those up if needed, but want to point you to Netafim’s calculator for Android and iOS that allows you to calculate precipitation rate by inputting the variables of your drip line setup. The precipitation rate is what you would input into a zone’s advanced settings in the “Nozzles Inches Per Hour”. The Rachio app does not have the ability to calculate precipitation rate based on drip line variables, but you can use a dripline calculator to calculate the precipitation rate. There are many of these calculators out there but the Netafim app allows you to select the product and model since you are using Netafim dripline.

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I can easily calculate the area in square feet for each of my different irrigation zones.
I can also easily calculate the number of emitters and multiply by the flow rate of the emitters in each of the different zones to know how much water is being applied in GPH.
I am shocked and disappointed that the Rachio program does not allow this information to be entered.