Newbie help needed. Rain 3 days in a row but sprinklers came on today

i was hoping they wouldn’t go on. rain scheduled for Fri Sat Sun. Today they came on. i guess ill have to do manual rain delay. thanks

Do you have an onsite rain/freeze sensor?

How close is the weather station you are using?

Hey @ehrlichrk!

Do you mind giving us more info about your schedule type and/or weather intelligence features? Weather station would be helpful as well, as @Sprinklerman mentioned.

McKynzee :rachio:

weather station mid_kfat
schefule type fixed days
smart cycle on
weather intelligence
seasonal shift on
climate shift on
rain skip on 1/8 i changed to 1/16
freeze skip on freezing

thank you

no on site sensor
wheather station mid_kfat 5.4 miles it did show rain.

thank you