Newbie flex daily questions

Brand new user, barely know enough to be scary. I have set up a basic flex daily schedule. I filled all my zones (we happen to have had a good rain tonight, strange in so cal). I have set roots on my zones fairly shallow, I believe this to be correct as I have not much soil on top of rock. I have chosen sandy loam based on the web tool. When I review the schedule I see an 8 day period with no irrigation. This seems wrong to me? Or do I need to have the schedule update at midnight tonight and them review it again?
Another so cal question: I have set wind skip to off, this is based on the Santa Ana winds we have here were it can blow hardfor several days at VERY low humidity. It seems like it would be a very bad thing to skip watering completely during these winds. I guess i just need to accept the inefficiencies the high winds will create. Does this make sense to folks?

The schedules are updated every 12 and 1 hour before running. 8 days feels about right for shrubs especially since you set the root zone depth (RZD) to 12 inches. Since your grass zone is set to 6 inches RZD it will water every few days. If you want to decrease the watering frequency you can lengthen the roots a bit. Here are your projections for the next week.

Flex daily is nice in that if you do skip a watering due to wind, and the zone is depleted, it will just water the next day making it up, assuming the winds aren’t high that day.

Welcome to the community and please let us know if you have any further questions.


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