New weather network upgrade feature


I’ve been using my rachio 3 controller in Spain for over a year, and I’m quite happy. I managed to set a nearby weather station for the weather forecast etc… and it works great, predicting rainfall etc…

I just updated the ios app and it now shows the option of upgrading the weather network, but before doing so I would really like to know what this really means.

Will I still be able to use the same wunderground station I’ve been using? Does this mean that now, while living out of the US, my controller will be able to access historical weather data? If the latter is true, it would make me very happy as it would mean that flex schedules could maybe finally work here, because so far I haven’t been able to make them work.

Please let me know what this weather network upgrade actually does!


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I just took the plunge and upgraded – it didn’t change the local weather station I was using before (which happens to be my own).

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That’s good to know! So what did it do?

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Curious on this as well. I have been using a local weather station, but then found that the weather station was only reporting data from 9a-6p. I switched to another local, but wondering if the new weather network is better than one local weather station. Seems like the weather network would have access to more data than the local one right?

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I’m really curious about what this upgrade actually does. Because I live outside the US and setting the rachio here is kinda tricky, I don’t want to upgrade until I hear from Rachio themselves what this upgrade does, or at least from another european user…

Not sure what it did, other than the opt-in link disappearing. Hopefully someone from Rachio can chime in here.

My system is also in Spain (in Mojacar), and we are nearing 18 months of successful operation.

I too clicked on the option, but it only appears to be an alternative to a local Wunderground station. We have our own station, so I would also be keen to know about whether the option is more for people with no personal weather station.

I’ve been reading this more and see now that this option is indeed for people who do NOT have their own station and who are relying on neighbouring stations, and rather than you needing to usea specific local one, you can now go for this option which will work with the data of several neighbouring stations as well as Met data

So if my PWS ever stops working, then I will be jumping for this new option