New user with a rain sensor question

Hey all,

Just switch my controller from a Hunter to the Rachio Gen 2 the other day. Got it installed and set up with no major issues. Set up a program to do flex monthly. The times are longer than what I had but I had no idea when I set them hence wanting to upgrade. I also wanted the ability to start it remotely. I found a PWS one street over so connected to it figuring it would match my rainfall versus a station miles away. We got rain the night after installing so it bypassed the next day because the PWS recorded it. My previous Hunter had a wireless rain sensor. When I installed the Rachio I did not connect it. Now I’m wondering if I should connect it or just let the PWS handle rain delays. What do the experts here think?



I had the same setup as you. I hooked my rain sensor up because I have it. It’s easy, why not. My sensor has a non replaceable battery, when it dies I doubt I’ll replace it.

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@GregE - the local rain sensor would be the belts and suspenders approach where it rains enough at your house to trigger the rain sensor, but not at the weather station. Being that the weather station you’re using is a street away - probably less of an issue. Do watch the results reported by the PWS, I’ve been watching a neighbor’s reported precipitation diverge from my manual rain gauge and the NWS station three miles away where last year it was right on with my rain gauge. Also, that PWS may disappear if they move or lose interest.

Good point Bill. I’ll go ahead and hook it up. Should have a few years left on the battery. :smiley:

@DLane - Will Rachio tell me if the PWS I’m borrowing goes offline? I see some others less than a mile away that I could switch to if it ever did or wasn’t reporting good info.

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PWS offline notice would be nice.

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@GregE - I’m not sure what Rachio does if the PWS goes offline. I’ve seen some posts where the system reverts to the nearest NWS station, not sure of when this happens - but my guess is when the station goes away. If the PWS just quits reporting rainfall, but still reports wind and temperature, I don’t think Rachio switches away.

If the PWS stops reporting anything, the system will indeed switch to the nearest NWS, yes. I am fairly positive that the station has to completely go offline in order for this to occur.

@GregE As for the rain sensor, it is certainly not needed but if you want to be safe feel free to use it! If you have any issues getting it hooked up please let us know.

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