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Hello all. Glad to be a part of the awesome community. Looking forward to getting my system working. I’m replacing my Hunter XCore system with a Rachio Gen 2 system. My system was working great before installation but we wanted to upgrade to Rachio. I took pictures of my setup prior to attempting setup but have yet to find explanations for every wire that was used in my system.

In any case I tried to run my zones after install and nothing happens. It tells me my zone Is running but no sprinklers turn on. HELP!

Seems to me that you have a master valve/ pump. Make sure to connect blue wire to the M terminal and enable master valve or pump (depending on what you have) in the software.

You also seem to have a rain sensor on the red / black wire pair. You’ve got the red cable in the right place, but installed the white wire instead of the black. Remember to turn on the rain sensor within software on S1 input.

The second white wire should be connected to an available C terminal.

@Gene thanks for the reply. Shortly after posting I realized the mistake with the Blue P wire and the system kicked on. I have it set as master but not sure if I need to set it as Pump just because it was a P wire. Especially since the rest of the system was wired so weird.
The rain sensor wiring was throwing me for a loop. So the red and black wires that were connected to the SEN terminals should connected where? And you say I should take the white currently in the SC and move it to a C terminal?

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Also trying to migrate my Hunter XCore controller with Irridio wireless sensor to Rachio 2. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Zone 1-8 wires pretty straight forward.

The blue wire originally at REM (XCore) moved to M (Rachio).

The brown and white wire from the Irridio sensor were on SEN (XCore) moved to S1 and S2 (Rachio).

The 2 red wires from the Irridio sensor were on 24VAC (XCore) and are now sticking out to the right in the 2nd and 3rd pics.

The red and white wire to the bottom left in the 2nd and 3rd pics were also connected to 24VAC (XCore).

The 3 dirty white wires were moved from C (XCore) to 2 wires in one C and the 3rd wire to the other C (Rachio).

The 2 yellow wires at the bottom on the 2nd and 3rd weren’t connected to anything the XCore.

The 2 yellow wires to the far left in pic 3 were connected to a power source (XCore) and are not visible in the 1st and 2nd pic.

This is the original wiring.

@Snuffy - here is the link to a support article documenting the wiring connections for the Irritrol wireless rain sensor ->

TLDR: one red wire to SP, one red wire AND the white wire on SC, brown to S1. Then configure Sensor 1 in the app to be a rain sensor.

As far as the blue wire that went to the REM terminal in the Xcore - remove it from the M terminal. That is for a remote control device, which is served by the Rachio app. I believe the disconnected red and white wires are power to the remote receiver and can be left disconnected.

The red wire that is in the SP terminal should probably be moved to the M terminal - assuming it came from the P terminal in the XCore. Those terminals are the pump start/master valve terminal.

The Irritrol wireless rain sensor is optional as Rachio will use the forecasted rain. It can still be used as a belt and suspenders approach.

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@DLane is right on all points.


Thank you very much for the assistance!


@DLane @Gene You guys.

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