New User Setup Experience and Suggestions

I replaced a Cyber Rain Pro that never worked right for me with a 16 Zone Rachio. Setup was not difficult but there were some minor issues:

  1. Connecting wires was not obvious to me, and I have a reasonable amount of experience with electrical systems and home control. Might be useful to just add one line to the manuals to depress the notched tab on top and insert the wire.
  2. Wire run into the device is awkward and not big enough really for 16 zones to make it easy. It was very tight and difficult to run all cables in with Rachio attached to wall. I had to remove it and run wires in and then re-attach. I would change this design to make this easier.
  3. Blink Setup with Galaxy S6 failed multiple times, and only after I went online into the FAQ did I see the note that iOS works better for a number of technical reasons and Android could have issues. Would have helped to have this info again in the setup instructions, would have saved me 15 - 20 minutes of keeping trying my S6 to no avail. Worked on 1 try with iPad.
  4. Zone Setup - This is done really well and was a breeze.
  5. Watering Schedule - Not intuitive again for 16 zones. Needed to give some thought to how to split my zones and then manually set up the watering based on that split, otherwise I would be watering for 12 hours a day 3 days a week. Would be great to add better intelligence to system with more than 8 zones (even 8 zones might be better split up rather than all in one day as well).

Overall easier and better designed than Cyber Rain system, wish this was available a couple of years ago before I bought the Cyber Rain.

Thanks for the feedback, noted for future design. We have heard this from multiple customers.

Will be sure to incorporate this into Android pairing. I actually had a similar experience today, and I’ve been doing this for awhile :wink:

Interesting idea, PM me if you have concepts on how this could work.

Thanks, more software coming soon with great new features

Appreciate the feedback, please let us know if you have any more feedback or questions.


Tried to PM you with some ideas on larger multi-zone systems but for the life of me on this platform I cannot figure out how to PM someone. It is cool you have a unique Community platform, but the downside is with a unique platform sometimes finding features is not that easy. It might also be that as I am new to the Board I might not have privileges to PM yet as well, to be honest not sure.

If you click on my name above (franz) it will allow you to PM me.

Or just a good 'ol fashioned email works,


Even though it’s trivial in hindsight, I agree…you need to describe or better yet, visual illustrate depressing the notches.

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My Installation guide told me exactly how to insert the wires:

Under “Tips for wiring:”

  • To release wires, push down on wiring terminal with small screwdriver
  • Only install one wire per wire slot

Of course, I read through the first two pages fully, before starting step 1.

Agreed mine says that too, but I took it to mean that once wires are installed, to release them you push down on the terminal with a small screwdriver. I actually thought that they specifically wrote it this way because installing the wires was done differently possibly by just pushing into the terminal slot, like a US Light Switch for example, and people may not know how to release them once installed.

Hi @gdstark and @Chimpware, great points, we’re working on improving our installation instructions. We know they could be better. Just curious, which install guide did you have? Perhaps you could post a photo? Did either of you stumble across our installation videos?

Best, Emil

The videos were more helpful than the instruction sheet as I need to visualize what I’m about to do.

I had a tri-fold quick installation guide that looked lie a pamphlet, can take a picture if you need it to identify.

I did not find the installation videos prior to installation, and would have helped with tip to run wires into the unit prior to installation on the wall, but the video does not show how to actually install the wires by depressing the slotted tab / button.

Mine is the tri-fold install guide as well.

And no, I did not find the videos. I think they’re well done, except that they still omit how to push the wires in. Why not link to them from your printed guide? Also, agree with Chimpware that the wire instruction was how you release them.


My installation experience was the opposite. I had no issues with the wire installation. My only issue was I was on the wrong WiFI band. I needed to be on 2.4ghz instead of the 5g band.

@gdstark and @Chimpware, we’re in the process of updating our install videos now. We’ll make sure this tip gets added.

@gdstark, we’ve just recently updated our install guide and have added a “text” option to have the videos sent you. Give it a try :wink:

Hope this helps!

Best, Emil