New User - Rachio and Tempest

I have a new setup with Rachio and the Tempest weather station. I set up my first schedule (Monthly Flex) on Sunday, and it was scheduled for its first run during early morning Monday. On Sunday I got a Rachio app notification that the Monday run was to be skipped because Tempest was forecasting 0.2 inches of rain (more than my threshold of about 0.1 inches needed for a skip). As Sunday evening progressed, I could see the chance of rain on Tempest had decreased significantly, but Rachio never cancelled the skip. I manually cancelled the skip, and it actually never rained. Does Rachio not deal with the changing forecasts by deleting skips as needed? Also, where did Rachio come up with the forecasted rain amount of 0.2 inches? Tempest gives a chance of rain, but it doesn’t give a forecasted amount.


Green lawn, did you have to pay to integrate Tempest usage with Rachio? Did you buy from Rachio (do they even sell Tempest anymore)?

Love clarity. The original thread on this topic is old. What is the current situation? If I buy tempest from manufacturer, will it easily without licensing or other costs integrate with Rachio, and is it meaningful in improving R’s water management? What is the current scoop? Rachio moderators, can you post update?

Thank you all!

Lanoon, I purchased Tempest along with the Rachio from Rachio. It came with an activation code for Tempest, so no additional integration cost. Integration was easy. Remains to be seen how useful the combination of the two are when coupled. Looking forward to some responses on my initial questions from the first post.

Thank you!