New User Question on Vacation Setup for Rachio 3

I have installed my new Rachio 3 and it is working fine. I have a question about how the controller works if the power goes out or if the wifi connection is not working, especially when one is not at the house.

If one is on vacation for an extended period of time, and the power or internet is out, does the controller have internal memory and battery to keep watering temporarily on a fixed schedule? And how does it deal with extended power/internet outages? What is the recommended setup for the Rachio prior to leaving for an extended vacation to ensure maximum uptime/operation?

We often have long power outages in our area during the summer and I would like to be able to ensure it will continue to water once the power is restored. Can the Rachio be plugged into a smart plug so that it can be remotely cycled off/on again to re-establish connection to a wifi router?

Sorry for the confusing questions, but I’d like to plan ahead as best as I can to avoid a long outage of our sprinkler system when away. Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, no internal battery. I do not know if the schedule is stored in non-volatile memory. You certainly could plug it into a UPS (uninterruptable power system), but not sure how long it will last. You can plug most anything into a smart plug as long as the plug handles the power draw.

We periodically get power outages, but rarely does it go belong an hour. I have not done anything for them and have not been concerned. It probably would be better to use a surge protector in case of a power spike when the power comes back on.

Not sure if this answered all your questions.

No battery to keep the controller powered during a power outage, but yes, I believe it does keep certain schedules in memory if no internet for a period of time. Fixed schedules will run indefinitely, Flex schedules I believe are 2 weeks?

It should continue to run after power is restored. Once it comes back online, it should re-connect to wifi without the need for additional power cycling.