New user, many zones, few questions

I just installed the 16 zone controller for my 16 zones. I’m trying to break it up to run on different days. Doing back, front and sides. I need them done by 4am as my wife gets ready for work, and we don’t have the pressure to accommodate both showers and irrigation. I started with flex monthly and somewhat manually set it up to run the sides on any day before the other two alternating off and even days. I tried to schedule flex daily but the schedule looked very confusing. It was scheduled to run during the day a lot and many situations where 2 or all 3 were running at the same time.
How do I set these up properly?
Does it know not to run simultaneously?

I just setup 3 schedules and each are on flex daily. What I did was assign the front yard Monday, Wed, Friday. Gave the back yard Tue, Thurs, Saturday. The 3rd zone is trees only so it gets once a week on Sunday. As long as you start them at early enough times, I did Midnight, they finish early enough to not be a problem.

You can also set them to end by a certain time as well. The key is to not have any zones using overlapping days or they may all try to run that day.

That makes the most sense. I didn’t originally find that you could do certain days. I followed your advise and set this up, but its only scheduled to water 7 days this month. That doesn’t seem near enough. I have my settings at 0.3"-0.5" per hr. per nozzle.

So now it is also scheduling to run at 530pm till 1230am on one day. Also 630am till 1230 pm another day???