New user here

Hi im a new user have a landscape company in the new england area as we get ramped up for spring we have started to get into irrigation a bit more and decided after researching that we would like to switch everybody over to the rachio gen 3 clocks this year. Looking for feedback before installing my 1st one this spring
-Like good to knows
-how to control multiple clients with the app

Thx for anyone who takes the time to help out a new user!


Love this love this love this :slight_smile:

First and foremost, consider signing up to become a Certified Rachio Pro here.

Second, I’m going to let our @Certified_Rachio_Pro community members give you their feedback here - they can speak to their experience better than I ever could!

Welcome to the Rachio family, @GrassGobblers :cheers:

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thank you I will have to get some experience with product before that step but I appreciate the response


Welcome to the team @GrassGobblers. I have been using Rachio controllers since the Gen 1 came out.
Rachio has become my “Go to” controller.

I currently manage over 700 controllers for different customers. There is a dashboard that conveniently lines them up for you on your Computer screen and they arrange by distance from you.

Rachio has made so many changes through the years and taken advice from Pros like you and I. These changes are what is putting Rachio on top of the leader board and giving them the spot as the new “Industry Standard” when it comes to choosing a controller.

Go ahead and get your feet wet. Get a controller, start playing with it, record your results and see how you can integrate it into the systems of your customers.


Thanks for taking the time to respond I downloaded the app so far but haven’t used it as I don’t have one setup yet. But there is a dashboard of all my clients systems that’s what I was hoping to hear were would I find and start setting that up.:+1:

That dashboard is in a different location from the forums.

Here is a link. You will have to log in there as well.

I usually keep the tab open to the forums and a separate one for the dashboard.

If you are logging on from your phone, your dashboard automatically comes up and
conveniently list them in the same geographic order of distance.

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Thank you not much I can do or setup til I start installing them it looks like so looks like will be a little trial and era🤷‍♂️

That’s a good start. Once your customers have added you to their systems, you will then see a list of everyone that is shared with you.

Ok so you have them add you to there systems I was thinking I would setup the system.:thinking:

Can you run multiple zones through the app for like say blowouts?

You can run one zone at a time and one client at a time.