New user, App connects, no water

I had the unit installed and all heads/zones worked. I setup the zones and apps. No water on quickstart. The app shows it ran last night, it didn’t. Installer said they did not turn off any valves.

I am having the same problems, the installer said that could take up to 24 hrs for everything to work is that accurate?

Taking up to 24 hours does not make any sense to me. I ran mine immediately to test it out.

Power is there I can hear the big solenoid clicking but still no water. I did opem the little black valve next to the small solenoids and waters is fine doing the bypass.
Any ideas

When you say big solenoid, is that for a master valve or something else? I presume the little black valve is a sprinkler zone valve? Do you happen to have a before and after picture you can post?