New to Rachio - One flex zone ran from 5am to 3pm today....?

I am trying out the Flex daily on one of my zones. On Friday (May 26) my Left Front zone started at 5am and then proceeded to water every 30 minutes all day long. It was incredibly hot and humid and I would have though that the app would not water after 10am due to the heat and evaporation.

Is there a way to set the hours that the Rachio can run? It is illegal in my city to run sprinklers between 10am and 6pm:

“Daily Water Use, including lawn watering, garden watering, and irrigation, is prohibited between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. from April 1 to Oct. 31.”

I think this is definitely something that should be added if it is not supported.
If Flex Daily doesn’t support it which mode should I use?

kpate96 - I have similar water restrictions. I’ve seen it mentioned by @franz that V3 of the software should be able to handle this restriction. I don’t know how long the zone actually watered for each cycle, as it may depend on the settings (mine will run for 6 minutes), but the Smart Cycle is letting the water soak in for 30 minutes after each run so the next run has some soil capacity to absorb the new.

As I can also only water twice a week, I went with a plain Jane fixed schedule as it would probably be watering every chance it could on Flex. I did set up some phantom Flex schedules to see how they would perform versus the fixed schedule, but I need to go back and review that history.

Hey @kpate96-

What are the settings for the zone that ran all day? That’s a pretty long run time, wondering if something is off! @DLane is correct, we do not currently support this, but we are trying to handle this better in our next software release. My concern is in your scenario I don’t know if we would have enough time to sufficiently water your zone.

McKynzee :rachio:

warm season grass
clay loam
full sun
rotor head
moderate slope
1240 sq ft
everything else default.