New system not activating the sprinkler heads

New installation of Rachio 3 to a Rainbird esp modular

I just installed the Rachio three today. I took care to identify the wires for each of the existing zones. As well as three white wires that the Rainbird had in the primary module that I assuming is the power?

The Rachio is functioning as far as Internet connection with the Tempest weather station in my app. But none of the sprinkler hedge are coming on.

What mistake have I committed?

@Gstafford61 - Can a before and after pictures be posted?

Is there a master valve in the system?

Is there a sensor in the system or wiring?

As far as A master valve and sensor wire to be honest if it bit me in the butt, I still won’t know it

According to your pics, you have a master valve (dark red/plumish color going into MV in the Rainbird photo). Your zone 1 (yellow) is currently going to your master valve (M) port in the Rachio. You need to identify the master valve wire (is it the floating plum colored one?) and plug it into the M port, shift the zone wires one slot to the right, yellow goes to 1, green goes to 2, etc. Do not ever plug two wires into the same slot, the three white ones, common, can plug into three of the four available C white slots either side of the zone slots. Then go to the Rachio’s Controller Settings and set the Advanced Wiring (M Terminal) to Master Valve. Let me know how that works for you :muscle:


Well. I did some more work. But still no success…. I’m sure it’s because of me…. But could a 2nd look be taken and feedback given?

@Gstafford61 - if you moved the wiring around like @ady624 suggested, please post an updated photo of the Rachio showing the current wiring.

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That looks better. Did you also enable Master Valve in Advanced Wiring (M Terminal) under Controller Settings? So? is it working now?

Yes, I did check the M setting in the app. It is enabled. However, it is still not working. I just got an auto email that my zone 2 is over amped?

Hey there. Well. I had two wires crossed…. But once that was directed it is up and running….now the learning curve of how to use the app and make schedules