New setup & zone times

Hey all,

Newbie here, just setup my rachio 3, all working and setting up schedules etc.

Set the default on the flex daily schedule and it’s wanting to do a 10hour cycle, is this normal? I have maybe 1200sq ft of lawn tops, with 8 zones.

Appreciate any advice

Very possible, if not longer. My drip zones run for over 3-1/2 hours each…

First advice, split the schedules up with grass on one schedule, drip on another. Not a major deal, just allows for cycle soak to function correctly if a zone needs it.

Secondly, chances are, your system does not equal the Rachio defaults, so you really need to fine tune the precipitation rates of each zone. Do you happen to know what brand/type of sprinkler body/nozzle you have on your grass zones? Do you know the gallons per hour of the drip emitters (and how many per plant) on your drip zones?

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