New Setup Question

I am looking at installing a gen2 with outdoor enclosure using the hardwire option. Is this a straight forward installation? What is the Hunter transformer on the left for? Thanks!

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@rileys1213 - Yes the Rachio will be a straight forward installation. You can ignore the Hunter transformer and those two yellow wires as the Rachio transformer will replace those. Looks like there is also a rain sensor in the setup that can be moved over to the Rachio as well. I can’t see what the extra terminal is for (9 zones, but 10 connections), so I’ll guess a master valve or pump start relay that will also move right over to the Rachio.

The decision that will need to be made is buy the Gen 2 version right now or wait a couple of weeks for the Gen 3 version. As it looks like there are 9 zone, the 16 zone version would be suggested.

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