New setup - not starting from app

Hello Everyone,

I have a perplexing issue I hope someone can help me with.

I had a Racchio Gen1 for the past number of years without issue. I did some landscaping this year and added additional irrigation zones (professional install) to my backyard, which required a 16-zone controller, so I upgraded to a Racchio Gen3 16zone.

Install was trivial. Migrated settings from old controller to new was straightforward - all good so far!

Here’s where things get weird…

I can start the original zones from the Racchio app no problem. I can start/stop the NEW zones from the Racchio units buttons … BUT I CANNOT START/STOP THE NEW ZONES FROM THE APP.

Very strange. I trigger a zone from the app, the light even flashes on the controller, but the solenoid doesn’t do anything. I start the zone from the controller via the select, start/stop button it runs fine.

Any suggestions?

My only next logical thought is to factory reset the controller and rebuild zones from scratch instead of the import procedure I performed when first setting it up.

Contact/suggestions appreciated!

@bdaz - I’d contact Rachio support and see what they can see on the back end. Doesn’t make any sense to me either.