New seeding what do i set "root length" to

Hi all,
new to this. Just bought the Rachio 3. I reseeded the entire lawn about a month ago. Some areas were overseeded with a slit seeder other areas were bare as last year I did not water enough and the fall seeding died. I have been watering 20 minutes daily for last week or so in AM before that was doing 10 minutes morning and evening for a week or so and before that was doing 10 minutes 4 times a day initially. I noticed in advanced setting the root length defaults to 6 inches and I was wondering what people think I should set it to. I live in Massachusetts. Soil is topsoil and below that appears fairly heavy in clay. live on top of a hill. lawn is mostly flat. planted cool season grass. I’ve cut most areas about 3 times at 4 inches height each time. Any input appreciated

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Sounds to me you are doing well on the 10 min 4 times a day. I would ignore the root setting at this point. Most instructions on seeding says keep the soil moist until grass begins to grow. I would then go to the 10 morning and evening as you stated. It sounds to me you are doing exactly like I would have set it up. I am no expert at all but have seeded and watered by hand in the patched areas until the seeds germinated the backed off as you have or will. Not sure where you are in your process but you sound like an expert lol. Let us know how it turns out please.

I don’t know how far along in seeding you are. I do know if it is a new lawn like @Miike4 said above don’t worry about RZD. When it is established if you want the real answer this is what I use. I’ve had a few people around the office do this and with our cool season grass everyone’s been right around 6 inches.