New seed

I’d love to see the option for newly seeded lawn for an individual zone. Obviously you want to keep New seed moist but not soaked to the point of run off. Right now I have to do manual runs for short spans in the zones where I have new seed

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@Sean13 We currently have an hourly interval option under Fixed Schedule -> Hourly Interval. It provides you the option to water every hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours.

By moving your seed zones into this schedule, you can provide consistent moisture for those seedlings.


Thanks for the tip!

I’ve been going through this as well, and although there are 2/4/6 interval hours, it’d make the schedule run at times when water doesn’t need to be applied (at night). A much better schedule would be every 2/4/6 hours during daylight hours. I couldn’t figure out a way to set this up in the app…

Hey @tburch!

I agree this would be a cool feature add, we currently do not support this functionality. I will let the team know! Thank you for the recommendation.

McKynzee :rachio:

I’ve gone through this process too, and really, this is what computers are made for!

I recently installed some Palmetto St. Augustine, and needed to water 3 of the zones a lot more than usual, and back it off gradually over the next 6 or so weeks. It would be ideal if I could just mark those zones in my Flexible schedule, and it would automatically add the additional watering times, and gradually bring it back to normal within the ideal time frame. I shouldn’t have to mess with manual schedules for this!

Sounds like a fairly awesome low-hanging feature to pick up, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

This is a feature we’ve talked about a lot :wink: We even have a really cool name for it. Someday would like to get this incorporated into the product.


Is there any news regarding this feature? I recently seeded my soil, and don’t want to water at night, because of the cool temperatures.

I can’t imagine it’s hard to setup a smart seed schedule based on recommendations for your area and time of year. This is just slacking development on the part of Rachio. These stupid manual schedules for new seed are dumber than dumb. My sprinkler is going off every two hours all night long and I’m waking up to my yard drenched the next day. Come on Rachio step it up.

@franz Ping! Any updates on this?

Agree. Surprised by the limitations of this “app”. It’s basically a timer that I can control from my phone. This can be better. It should be pretty easy to create start and end times and set intervals between…and then schedule it. Start with that pretty minor improvement and move forward.

I do my overseeding by setting up 3 fixed schedules, each with just one or two minutes per zone (depending on the kind of heads). I do one in the morning, one around noon, and one in the late afternoon. I put in start and end dates, having all three run for one week, just two the next week, and then just one the last week. A little more work to set up the first time, but I liked this method because I could set it and forget it.