New seed watering

Hello, just picked up a hose timer. I’m trying to grow new seed and I’m looking to water every hour for about 5 mins. I read some old post about a “ manual cycle and soak” work around. Has the manual option been removed? I only see smart as an option.

At the moment I have A fixed schedule for every hour Starting from 8 AM to 9 PM. Any tips Would be greatly appreciated.

That option is only supported on the irrigation controller.

You can create up to 19 programs on the valve.

This approach seems like it will work. Is it not doing what you expected?


Honestly, this is the way I’ve been doing winter overseed for years with the Rachio irrigation controller. IMHO, it is the best way to handle it as it allowed you to remove schedules and reducing the number of waterings over the course of a month or so as the seed germinates and grows. Since it is a yearly thing for me, I leave the schedules, and just disable a couple daily waterings every couple weeks until the grass is fully up, then flip it back over to my Flex Daily schedule.

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How did you set an end time of 9pm. When I see fixed I see hourly interval starting at whatever time you choose, but I’m not seeing where you can specify when that stops.

So just to make sure we are talking about the same thing. I’m using the “smart hose timer”. I’m growing new seed and I wanted to water everyday (hourly) for 5 minutes. I live in east texas, it’s hot! Got germination today!

This is how I ended up doing it so that it would water from 8am - 9pm, every hour for 5 minutes. It’s a pain to set up but it works.

Schedules → created new schedule → name your schedule → select valves → select, on a daily interval → water every 1 day.

From here you set up what time and how long you want to run. You have to do every hour individually. So for me.

Time of day → specific time → 8am → total run time change to 5 mins.

Once done, at the bottom you see add another run.

Add another run → time of day → 9am → total run time change to 5 mins.

Add another run → time of day → 10am → total run time change to 5 mins

So on so on. It will stop once it waters for the last PM hour of that day and start again the next day with the AM waterings.

Once you have selected the “times” and “how long” options you want. Click next to finish the set up, it will ask you a few more questions that are personal preference but that’s about it.

It’s a pain to set up, but I like it now. You have control over individual waterings.

Ah I see, so you have 13 individual schedules. :+1: