New Seed Schedule Without WI?

I setup 3 schedules to water daily for my new seed:

  1. Finish before sunrise
  2. 12:30pm
  3. 5:30pm

This morning, I got a notification of a saturation skip for the 12:30pm watering. Although I agree this would normally be a good thing, in this case I need to keep the seed wet so it will germinate properly.

Still being a relative rookie with the R3, I may be missing something obvious, but how do I turn off Weather Intelligence for specific schedules? I want all 3 of these to run every day for a few weeks. As I monitor the weather closely, if its going to rain before the next scheduled run I will manually skip that run.

Go into each schedule, click on Weather Intelligence, and make sure all the options are unchecked.

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DOH! I knew it would be something simple. Thank You!