New Router.....trouble connecting

Hi. I live in the Hudson Valley of New York and installed Gen 2 Rachio last Summer. It worked very well. However, in the Fall, I decided to unplug the unit which is inside the house and forgot about it until recently. I plugged in the unit and it can’t find my wifi. Then I remembered I put in a new router.
Question: should I reset the unit to factory settings? Just asking because there’s a caution sign next to the reset paragraph saying it cannot be reversed. What does that mean exactly?
Thanks for any help here.

Hey @lcijr!

Please see our support article: How do I update wifi on my controller?

These step-by-step instructions should assist you in updating your Wifi without having to factory reset all of your settings!

If you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our Support!

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That did the trick…thank you so much!!!