New rachio

Hi everyone,

Just recently replaced a hunter pro-c with a Rachio 3 system - the old system has always worked flawless and is a simple 6 zone system.

Upon installing Rachio ( did not transfer rain sensor) I only had the C, 6 zone wires, and MV wire- all hooked directly back as they came off.

Now all it will do is turn the the same 4 sprinkler heads on, which one of them is on a completely different zone, no matter what zone I turn on in Rachio . Any help is appreciated- thanks!

@Tyler6081 - if you have any pictures of the wiring before conversion please post along with a picture of the current wiring.

Was the prior system run and everything checked out immediately before converting to the Rachio?

Do you know where you master valve and the zone valves are located in the yard?

Are you using the original power supply for the Rachio? Does the power supply label say AC or DC for the output current?