New Rachio, new flex schedule, first watering not scheduled for 2 weeks?

I just installed my new Rachio last night. Today I got all the zones configured and found out about the flex schedule webapp which sounded like what I’d want to use instead of the 3 scheduling options in the phone app.

So, I set up flex scheduling for 5 allowed days a week, excluding Wednesday and Thursday because those two days are the days that my mowers usually come on (one or the other).

So far so good.

However, when I look now in either the Flex webapp or in the app on my phone, all zones show “Will Water After June 7”. 2 weeks from now seems like an awfully long time for Rachio to decide my lawn can go before it gets its first-ever watering.

Checking moisture levels of all zones, they all show 0.00 moisture balance.

Why isn’t it scheduling a watering for any zone sooner than 2 weeks from now?

This is a dynamic beast, it will most likely run much sooner than that. What is your current moisture level?

Did you just create the schedule today? If so it should run tonight unless you have a lot of forecasted percip.

Also, when you go flex you are running in pro mode so make sure all your zone attributes are correct, else you will under/over water

I encourage you to study the moisture graph

One thing I noticed when opening up the web app, my schedules showed a watering date of June 7th as well for a few seconds. After that my actual watering dates showed up. So maybe you have to let the app sit for a bit while it loads the data?

Sometimes you do have to wait. I usully use the iOS app

I did just create the schedule today.

The Rachio has never run (other than for a minute during setup) so moisture levels are all 0 across the board

I’ll see if it runs tonight even though it says it won’t.

wait until the weather gets queried. Several times a day… not that I watch or anything.

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Something similar happeed to me, but the next day all zones watered and everything was correct. Just takes some faith to get used to Rachio versus timed based controllers.

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