New Rachio installed, one station doesn't work when it worked with the old controller

Thread title summarizes it pretty well. I’ve copied the wiring exactly from the old controler, and the Rachio isn’t detecting a fault of any kind. I don’t think it would be an issue with the valve or Solenoid because it worked 20 minutes earlier with the old system, but I haven’t checked yet.

@Grimlock - can you post before and after pictures of the wiring? And which zone is not working?

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Also, I would double check the zone wire to make sure it is stripped long enough to clamp to the wire and not the insulation (but not so long that the bare wire is sticky far out. If that is all good, might want to swap with a zone that is known to work and try them both out.

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I don’t think the Valve is opening. I don’t know why that would be.

@Grimlock - disconnect the two black wires IMMEDIATELY!

The Rachio is not designed to be powered by back feeding power through those ports. Those ports are to power sensors. Use the provided A/C adapter and plug, then report back.

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The provided AC power adaptor has been used and there’s 0 change in the system. The voltage on all 3 zones is also within normal voltage thresholds

@Grimlock - what happens if you swap the wires with a working zone? Does the problem move? Can you measure the resistance down the zone line and back on the common line?

I’ve tried the malfunctioning station wire in multiple other ports, and tried other station wires in the station(1) that isn’t working.

As for testing the resistance, I assume you’re saying to test the Ohms coming from the wire itself?

@Grimlock - yes. Take the common wire and the trouble wire out of the Rachio and measure the ohms between the two.

Do you know where the physical valve is in the yard? If so, open the manual bleed valve (either a screw or the solenoid) to make sure it is working and water is there.

Pull out the Common and all the other station wires. Test DC resistance from each station wire to common. They should all be similar in value. If all you did was move wires from one controller to the other, possibly the wire broke in the cable from flexing and being disturbed. I assume you swapped around the different zones and the problem stays with that wire