New Rachio 3

I just found out that the new flow sensor only works with the Rachio 3 and does not work with my existing 2nd generation. That means that I would have to buy a new Rachio 3 for it to work.
I also have some customers that I helped install 8 of the Rachio 2 about a year ago and they now find out the same thing that the new flow sensor will not work on their system and they would have to buy a Racho 3.
All of them including me are very disappointed to find out that Rachio has left us out of the picture and will not buy the Rachio 3 because we already spent enough on a controller that is only a year old.

I already confirmed that the new flow sensor will only operate with the new Rachio 3 but talking to a Rachio Rep.

There is still a list of supported wired flow sensors for the G2.

The G2 does not support wireless flow sensor like the G3. That is a hardware limitation.

Wireless flow wasn’t a show stopper for you when you bought the G2.

Do you not expect them to evolve the hardware with each generation?

There is no functionality lost on G2 from the day you bought it to now. If wireless flow is that important to you, upgrade. It wasn’t that important when you purchased G2 as you bought the G2 without it. It should continue to work as it has.

I too wish my G2 worked with the Rachio flow sensor, although I wished it was wired, not wireless. I’m not disappointed, I’m happy that Rachio is evolving. There may come a point that there is a compelling feature for me to upgrade for. Maybe G4 (or even G3 at some point) will support wireless soil sensors and have a physical network interface. I hope they keep evolving and adding features and functionality.

I’m sure with the new Flow Sensor, flow data implementation will improve and G2 will benefit from this as well.


The new flow sensor uses new wireless hardware in the Rachio 3 to work, it can’t be made backwards compatible with the Rachio 2. The Rachio 2 does work with many hardwired flow sensors available today. Surely you don’t think Rachio should offer updated hardware versions and somehow make the hardware changes work with old units? Your customer’s Rachio’s are just as awesome as when they bought them and the improved scheduling software of the Rachio 3.3 app is available to them at no additional cost today.

The only head scratcher with the Rachio 3 is that the SOFTWARE “local weather” technology you get with the Rachio 3 has NOTHING to do with the hardware so it is a solely a business decision to not offer it for previous customers of versions 1 and 2. Frankly I’d like to see them offer it but at the same time I’d also rather they stay in business, it is what it is.

No matter, I bought the 3 both to support this great company and to get the flow meter.


Yes , I am aware of the different wired flow sensors that are compatible with G2 which are listed but is difficult in many situations to run a two wire paths from the controller which maybe inside of a garage and the main line which it needs to be installed to is over 500 ft or more away and also can not pull wires that are already run under ground and cement patios.
It is just disappointing that we were not aware that Rachio was going to come out with the wireless flow sensor this year or we would have waited.
It is good that Rachio is making improvements based on users comments but wishes that they would give us heads up that something like this wireless follow sensor is coming out soon !
Thank you !

Thanks for your input and I do understand that Rachio had to come out with another controller so that the new wireless flow sensor would be able to work. I just was disappointed like my 8 other customers that they did not have any knowledge from Rachio last year that a wireless flow sensor was going to be available this year or they would have waited to purchase the new one. We are ok with the G2 but will not pay for a new G3 to add on the wireless flow sensor.

I guess that you are will be the Guinea Pig and will find out if it was worth it or not. It’s the first version and will probably have some issues with programming since it is supposed to help with adjusting how much water you should be applying. If it does work that is great !
So, good luck and hope that it works for you and please let everyone know if it is more efficient or not.