New Rachio 3 stuck on third quadrant

New Rachio 3

I am now at the stage where the third region is flashing and every twelfth flash is red. The controller is off line. I have run the steps to turn off airplane mode on my phone (using an old iPhone6 Plus running 12.x) I have power cycled the router, the Rachio, and my phone. I have done the steps to push the wireless button on the Rachio device, second quadrant flashes yellow and the device connects to my home network, I get to a message that says “We’re still having trouble connecting to your controller. Let’s get more info with a diagnostic scan.”

Your diagnostic scan has been forwarded to our support team.

We will contact you by email with the next steps.

Any ideas?

If you run this and provide the code I can have the engineering team review the network.



As a test, I disabled the firewall and that did not help

CenturyLink is the ISP router is a C2100T

I have tried both the 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz connections and just ran the Network compatible test from RouteThis

Thank you,

The key is FR593JR5

Here is what was reported.

Can you try:

If those steps don’t work you will have to reach out to to help with further WiFi troubleshooting.



I submitted a ticket We received your request (785804).

When I try and look at the ticket I enter my e-mail and password that works in the app - this fails - I select to reset the password -

Please set me up with a new password

To reset your password for, enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with instructions.

Never get an e-mail

Are you using the email address used for creating your community account? If you are I don’t see those emails coming through our email system. If it is different PM me the email and I can have the team look it up.