New Rachio 3 serial number not accepted

Hi all,
Is this is a known issue? Received my new Rachio 3 a few days ago. When entering the serial number in to the mobile app, a message appears saying “We had a problem looking up your serial number…” . I’m unable to proceed with registering my Rachio 3. The manual controls work and I can start and stop the sprinklers. I’ve never owned a Rachio product before.

Keep trying. I had one of those several days ago. Try again and make sure your wifi is stable.

Can you PM me (click on my name and send message) the serial number? Thanks. I will have the engineering team review this for you.


@electroBee23 I had the team find the serial number and it looks like there was an issue in the manufacturing process and we did not capture the mac address of the unit.

If you send me the mac address (printed on the label) and number of zones the team will be able to update and get this corrected for you.

Thanks for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. I am reaching out to our manufacturer to determine how this happened on the supply side.

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Thanks Franz. It is working now. Great customer. Service experience.

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