New Rachio 3 missing cover plate in box!

franz and all… got my Rachio 3 (8 zone) controller on 4/20 after it was shipped on 4/17. Ordered day 1 to replace my 16 zone Rachio 2. Was finally able to open the box and actually was taking photos to document the unboxing and post up to my earlier thread about it shipping but… I have a sizable problem. There is no cover plate in the box. It was a sealed box (nice tear strip clear seal) and upon opening the box there was the main Rachio body, clear sealed bag with mounts and screws, two paper manuals, the AC adapter AND THATS IT. The place where the cover plate would sit (i assume?) isn’t and there was no cover plate on the actual unit if that is where it was supposed to go in the box. Just not there.

Now obviously I’ll be in touch with support immediately (I could email but I’ll just call first thing Monday morning at this point) and this shouldn’t prevent me from mounting the unit provided they don’t want to make an exchange but you may have a QC issue with the assembly line… hope I’m the only one and check your boxes!


  • Dave C.

@boldblue737, thanks for the heads up. That’s no good (and embarrassing!). We’ll get you a replacement cover sent out ASAP!

Yep, exactly.

If you happen to have photos, please email them to (along with your controller’s serial number) – I’ll keep an eye out for them and get your replacement sent out Monday!

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Thanks. I have before and after opening the box. So I’m safe to mount this thing tommorow (sprinkler turn is Tuesday)? I don’t want to mark up the box if you end up wanting an entire swap. Getting the cover plate direct would be the ideal solution thanks!

Oops saws you just said where to email. I’ll have them to you by morning!!!

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Yep! You’re good to install.

Same for us :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for the photos and for the heads up. We appreciate your understanding and patience.


Email was sent with a bunch of photos, let me know if you need anything else and thanks for the great customer service.