New rachio 2 does not shut down watering

i bought a second rachio 2 for second zone in my garden.
on the first one that i have everything went smoothly.
i connected the new one, with a master valve and this what happens:

  1. a loud buzzing noise is sound. i cannot tell if its from rachio or from the watering system
  2. zone starts to water
  3. when trying to stop the watering, the app seems to stuck as a round circle just keep going, and the watering does not stop
    i checked the AC adapter with the first rachio that i have and its working properly, so its not power adapter problem.
    with the old irrigation computer i have everything is working as expected.
    any ideas on whats wrong or how to solve the issue?

@chanochm - what kind of solenoid is on the second zone. Rachio supports AC powered solenoids. I’m wondering if the second zone has a DC powered solenoid. Easy to swap out if that is the case.

Can you swap out a wire on the original Rachio with the new Rachio to see if the original Rachio can start and stop the garden zone and vice versa with the new Rachio and old zone. I’d just use the buttons on the unit to run the zone or a quick run for that zone using the app - no need to change the programming all around.

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thanks! i will check