New PWS Installed

Been a geek since installing my Rachio a couple of months ago. Here in Arkansas, the summer rains are usually very hit-or-miss. The other day the Rachio WU weather intelligence posted some rain to my zones, but not a drop had fallen here (had my rain gauges out so I knew), and that seemed to cause the scheduler to put off watering…a big mistake with our 100 degree days lately. I manually ran the zones…problem solved. I also checked other local PWS’ and they had posted rain…like I said, hit-or-miss.

The longer term fix was to pick u an Ambient Weather WS-2902A weather station and put it on WU. The new station is KARNORTH31 and has been up since around 6pm on 7/18.

I see from other posts here that it can take up to a week for IBM/WU to post the new PWS so that Rachio can see it.

Looking forward to tightening the rain data gathering to even better automate watering, especially in our summer heat. Everything else around me in our neighborhood is beginning to brown out and trees are already dropping some leaves…but I’m green (mostly).

Thanks Rachio!

@pkoss455 Awesome, love the geeking out!

If your station doesn’t show up in a day or two let me know and I can followup with IBM/WU. It feels like about 3 days is the average amount of time.



Thanks for the offer to follow-up. I still don’t see the station. Here it is on WU:


I used to have another but deleted it some time ago as it was no longer in service (I busted it). That deleted PWS was KARNORTH2. But it still shows up in your selection list for specific PWS’.

pat koss


I’ve reached out to IBM/WU and will let you know. Thanks for your patience.


Thanks. The update went in and I changed to my PWS (KARNORTH31) yesterday. I see my data in the Field Capacity chart. Let’s see how well I can automate things now.


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