New Product Suggestion - Hose Bibb Controller

Hello Rachio Community!

My wife has recently become interested in hot pepper planting, and to make our lives easier, I’ve been looking at adding a simple patio drip irrigation system from the hose bibb/spigot in our backyard.

In my search, I’ve found similar items (Not sure if links to “competitors” are kosher, but specifically the Wise Orchard -, but I like my Rachio controller for my in-ground irrigation, and would like to keep it all in the family, as it were.

Mostly I’m trying to pitch this idea, as I think it’d be neat to be able to use the Rachio software/smarts, and am also secretly hoping there are as-yet unannounced plans for something along these lines.


I have done some of those on the Rachio controller.

  1. Purchase a 3/4 inline valve with a standard A/C solenoid.
  2. Purchase a (2) 3/4 hose to 3/4 male hose adapter.
  3. Connect to your hose bib as normal and to your hose as well.
  4. Run a wire to your Rachio controller and program the parameters.

This particular setup will cost less than your standard hose end timer.

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I’m going to prefface this by saying I’m not the code police…

One issue with a setup like this is that if you have a vacuum breaker on your hose bibb, you will run into problems with it leaking when the valve is not running.

If you don’t have one, or remove the vacuum breaker from the hose bibb, you technically aren’t code and the possibility is there that you could get some backflow into your house potable water.

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@tmcgahey - or maybe put the vacuum breaker after the valve.

Maybe a check valve…a full blown backflow device after the bibb defeats the purpose of trying to keep it simple.

Honestly easiest way would be to go with an anti siphon style sprinkler valve.

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@tmcgahey - I was thinking something cheap and simple like this:

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That is the type that will leak (as designed) if there is pressure on them. When the valve was off, it will leak continuously.

@tmcgahey - correct. That’s why I’d put it on the downstream side of the valve so there wouldn’t be any pressure on it when the valve is closed.

Yes. Vaccuum Breaker on the downstream side keeps it to code. :slight_smile:

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As long as you already have a backflow or a PVB on the line, there is no need to put a second one in order to protect your potable water.

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