New ownership with existing Rachio sprinker system

We recently purchased a home with an existing Rachio sprinkler system in it. When I registered a new Rachio account and tried to add the sprinkler system using the barcode, the app said that the system is registered already and asked to contact Rachio support.

There is no customer service phone number listed on the website, so I’m reaching out here. Any help?

Are you able to contact the previous owner so they can transfer it? Certainly, Rachio can handle it as well (not sure if they have a holiday today or not).

It’s been a month since we moved to the new house and I don’t have access to the previous owner contact details.

If you have not seen the following, I would go through this:
Transfer ownership of a Rachio controller to your account
If you have and had issues/success, please feel free reply to us (community) again (certainly can contact Rachio too).