New owner, a couple of questions

I have set up my zones, and created a schedule based on my permissible watering days (in Central California, we’re on major restrictions). When I look at the schedule, I notice that the zones are scheduled to run about twice as long as I had normally run them up until now…I know I will have runoff with these watering times. How does Rachio determine how long the zones should run? In the past, when I needed more water, I would run early in the morning and again after the sun goes down on my watering days; can Rachio split up the watering hours like that?

Also, I wanted to know if I can set up an exclusion so that it never runs between the hours of 10am and 6pm?


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that is a loaded question. it determines how long to run based on root depth, vegetation and percip rate (probably missing one).
at there are a few documents that explain this in detail.

your concern of runoff can be alleviated by enabling the smart cycle option. that will cause the iro to water for short intervals with a soak period between waterings.

no, is currently a requested feature.