New Layout/Features

Just released a new version of the web app with an improved layout and some new functionality (zone and user settings). Click around and let us know what you think :slight_smile:


Looks good but I think it can be better. In the My Yard section, you have the opportunity to really help educate the user on topics like Root Depth, Allowed Depletion, Efficiency, and Available Water. This will help tie all the pieces together and create a greater understanding of what really goes on in the lawn.

I know there is a link that you all refer too and I’ve read it. I’m planning on determining the root depth for each zone to get a picture of my base, then do a water audit to understand the efficiency (or lack of) of the sprinkler system. It would have been helpful if that guidance was provide by the app or webpage app and not by stumbling across it in a post.

My 2 cents worth.

@rgarza28‌ Great point. This goal of this release was to add functionality; in up coming releases we’ll be adding more informative/educational material.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ah ok. As far as functionality here are my thoughts:

  1. Getting to the left side menus is not obvious. In fact I had no idea that there was a menu on that side. I was looking for the menu to setup the Iro and couldn’t find it. I just happened to click on the logo because most websites tend to use the logo has the Home page but out came the menu on the left instead.

  2. The Zones page from My Yard is a little clunky. I like that each zone is written out in a sentence ('has" instead of “have”). Why not default to all active zones opened up? The opening and closing each zone is a little slow. It would also frustrate those “double-clickers”.

  3. No option for Custom Nozzle

Hi @rgarza28‌ Thanks, we’ve got some big changes planned for the web app that should address those issues.

We honestly really appreciate the feedback, thanks for talking the time to reply…

@Dan, always glad to help out.

It’s a great improvement over the previous version.

Not sure what happened to the other post, but I still can’t seed 2014 data in the analytics section …

Hi wayubi,
I don’t know what happened to the previous post, but yes, right now you can only see the current year in the web app. This will be fixed in the next release.


Any idea of when the web app will show the delegated (shared) controllers that I can see on my phone app?

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Strongly seconded. The Web App will be our primary access point for all of our controllers, over mobile apps. We’d love a fully functional feature set here.

@regenesis, check this out if you haven’t already: No screen shots on web site?

v2.0 coming soon (mobile+web)!